"It’s been really amazing  getting to know so many wonderful and strong women through the Sonder Connect community and fellowship. What I really admire about women entrepreneurship communities is that it democratizes conversations, makes it accessible to really connect with someone in a relaxed and non-intimidating way. I have connected with ethical fashion designers, tech developers  to collaborate with and also potential investors. Each of these interactions have been meaningful and rich, providing me with both new perspectives and immense support. 

Sonder Connect allowed me to unlock immense potential to collaborate with other women entrepreneurs from across Asia and even the world by virtue of events such as the US Tech Camp in Dubai! 

Through the Sonder Community I realised; irrespective of our countries, we face similar challenges. It has been immensely helpful to learn alongside other women on their entrepreneurship journey, ask questions, share perspectives, problem solve, talk and laugh together! I strongly believe that peer sharing is one of the most powerful tools of learning. 

I am super grateful for the friendship fosters at Sonder Connect; big shout out to Aashika Abraham Chittiappa from Mamma-Miya; building a kick ass app for us busy women to stay organized at work but also make time for ourselves, the women we are are; with helpful prompts and syncs helping us live our best lives.  Aashika has become an older sister to me, and she also introduced me to this amazing community of women (Sisters in Sweat) that plays football together. From start-up chats over carpool rides to football sessionI have found an amazing friend, fellow entrepreneur and teammate in Aashika and I have Sonder Community to thank you! 


I also love the spirit of collaboration across Sonder Cohorts; Namu Kini from this community; was also the first person to give Bare Necessities our first order via Happy Healthy Me

A fellow woman entrepreneur and mentee once told me: “While fewer women than men dare to take on the uncertainty of being an entrepreneur, when a woman makes this decision she is, in my experience, more likely to succeed.” I am soo grateful for Lathika Pai, her constant encouragement, fundraising advice over cubbon park walks has been a bedrock of support! I love her genuine interest in raising other women up and for building this much needed community of womanhood! 

Sahar Mansoor, Founder & CEO of Bare Necessities 

While I am more of an advocate for equality, I do believe the passion and persistence we have as women guarantee our success when facing uncertainty. As a woman entrepreneur, I have benefited greatly from the Sonder Connect community that brought us together to remind us of our collective passion and persistence.We have been able  to support each other, to gain access to world-class mentors (like Vaishali, Sejal and Lathika!) and partners, and to grow our businesses and have a positive impact around the world. The fellowship has opened the door to countless possibilities of personal and professional growth,allowed me to be an accomplice in spreading the word to other women, and given me the leeway to multiply my startup’s impact in India and the world. 

The program made me feel both supported and equipped to take on my entrepreneurial mission - making zero-waste living in India the norm and not the exception! Since I participated in the Sonder Connect fellowship in 2018, my enterprise ‘Bare Necessities’ has grown so much from its humble beginnings in 2016. Through our zero-waste products and education, Bare Necessities has diverted  2,752,000 kgs of plastic waste away from our landfills and oceans. This is an achievement that I am extremely proud to share, and would not have been possible without the guidance, perspective and support that I received from Sonder Connect in the earlier stages of my business".