With our years of experience in the ecommerce space, Arti and I knew we wanted to build a user experience that went past all the pain points in online shopping and actually make shopping for clothes fun again ! Let’s face it - shopping for clothes used to be fun till multiple visits to stores or endless browsing and returning clothes that didn’t work became a buzzkill. If there was personalization in movies, music and even food, why can’t it exist in fashion? We knew we could build a service that made it easier for women to find clothes they love. 

We decided to start StyleNook - a personal styling/shopping service. Being enabled by AI makes the service of a personal stylist accessible and affordable. A user comes in, answers a few questions. These responses are used by our algorithms and a human stylist to curate pieces as per the user’s sizes, preferences and budgets. The user keeps what she loves and gives us feedback on what she doesn’t. This feedback is used for next order, other user’s orders and also aggregated to influence brand design decisions. 

Kuntal Malia and Arti Gupta, Founders of StyleNook

We’d just started off when Namu Kini told us about SC and that we should consider it. Through the application process and interviews, what sold us was the richness of experience we would be able to access in our 3 day program. Going through the program gave us the guidelines of not only building a sound business, but also ensuring that other aspects such as finance, HR and compliance were kept in mind. In a short span we met leaders from various fields who went beyond ‘gyan’ and gave us the practical advice we needed. We also got the opportunity to meet with some fantastic female founders building amazing businesses in various fields. I remember Arti and I came back from the program totally rejuvenated and charged up on our mission to make women look and feel good about themselves. 

However, the three day program was only one aspect of it. SC stays with you over and beyond the 3 days. We were lucky enough to have mentors such as Latika Pai and Savita Singh guide us on critical tech and product decisions in our journey. We know that we always have a sounding board with these two women and their experience helps us in making the right decisions. These two women look beyond the businesses and understand that there is a founder at the helm who needs encouragement, guidance and support. What’s been the most joyful aspect of the SC community has been connecting and developing relationships with the founders themselves. A lot of the founders were not even in our cohort but being part of the same community allows us to reach out to them. We’ve had brainstorming sessions, taken advice and even formed collaborations for our companies. And we feel we are just at the start of what this community can do for StyleNook and what we can do for the community. As we say in SonderConnect - The Future is Female !