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Press coverage for SonderConnect

-Startup India: Best Funding Schemes for Women Entrepreneurs in India. 

What does it take anyone to run a successful entrepreneurial venture? Click here to read

- Mid-level women executives and the Indian gig economy

 Balancing work and family, many women believe freelance is a good way to stay in the game. Click here to read

SonderConnect mentors 33 woman-led ventures.

Started as an angel fund for female entrepreneurs, SonderConnect has pivoted to become an accelerator programme for startups led by female founders. Click here to read

-What women entrepreneurs need to do to win over investors

 Lathika Pai of Sonder Connect tells us. Serial entrepreneur and technology mentor Lathika Pai talks to YourStory about what organizations can do to help women advance as business leaders, and what women can do to advance their own cause." Click here to read

-Citi, Infy, Goldman Sachs and Deloitte made her boss, but she made herself a leader – meet Vaishali Kasture.

Vaishali established Sonder Connect, a cohort-based, not-for-profit mentorship programme over and above her day job, with three other friends – Sejal Shah Gulati, Latika Pai and Anju Shenoy. Click here to read

-Women-Led Startups Could Grow India's Economy By 60%, But Obstacles Remain For Female Founders.

Several women-led leadership and mentorship programs such as SonderConnect are gaining traction in India, with corporates and technology companies also actively promoting inclusion of women in the workforce". Click here to read

- Why investing in early child care is important?

Last week at a mentoring program organised by SonderConnect ( a not-for-profit trust that nurtures female founders), one of SonderConnect’s trustees Lathika Pai spoke to women entrepreneurs, looking to scale their business, on the benefits of investing in childcare. Sharing her own experience of hiring a nanny to take care of her daughter when she was a new working mother, Pai said the benefits of a nanny and good early child care are long-term and remarkable. Now, there’s research to prove why you shouldn’t worry if a large part of your pay cheque is going to your child’s kindergarten." Click here to read

-These Female Leadership Programs Are Helping Bridge The Gender Gap In India's Startups. 

Culturally, women in India hesitate to highlight their personal and professional accomplishments - something that Lathika Pai, founder trustee of SonderConnect is addressing through her organization. "Investors want to support founders who are confident, sincere about scaling and seeking to have an impact on the industry,” says Pai. SonderConnect tailors mentorship programs and technical workshops, where startups can fine-tune business pitches and investor engagement. Seasoned marketing professionals, legal experts, HR personnel and contract negotiation experts provide training, and mentors include senior executives from LinkedIn, Microsoft, Aegis, IBM, Target, Ernst & Young and Deloitte. Click here to read

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