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"We believe women-led entrepreneurial ventures can grow

 to become key competitive players in our economy.


This is a critical step for achieving gender equality, economic growth and prosperity"

Lathika Pai

Country Head, Microsoft for startups, South Asia and Middle East

Lathika supports startups in the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia. Her prior work experience includes large technology companies in the US and UK like Nortel, American Management Systems (CGI) and a 300$ million funded startup Relera. As a serial entrepreneur, Lathika successfully raised capital for her ventures both through equity and debt funding, as well as provided profitable exits to her investors. She has been on the Boards of international technology companies and helped them with their strategy for Asia. 

Vaishali Kasturae

Head, Amazon Web Sevices

Vaishali Kasture has 23 years of experience in the Banking and Financial Services Industry. She was a Managing Director at Goldman Sachs India as well the MD and COO at Butterfield Fulcrum Group - a fund administration company. In the past, she was the SBU Head, Banking and capital markets at Infosys BPO as well as the Assistant Vice President at Citibank India.

Sejal Shah Gulati

General Manager Global Commercial Services at American Express, President Harvard Business School Alumni Board

Sejal Gulati conceived and developed the concept of Time Inc India where responsibilities included setting up the entity both strategically and operationally. Time Inc. India is a rapidly growing global in-house center that consistently strives towards high standards of performance, delivery and excellence. She is also an ILI (Indian Leadership Initiative) fellow and moderator at The Aspen Institute which helps foster the next generation of values based leaders in India.


Anju Shenoy 

Partner People at 10club | Co-Founder SonderConnect | Advisor Ikikai

Anju has about 25 years of experience in the space of Talent and People. As a HR leader in some well known Tech and ITES companies, she did her last corporate stint as Director-Human Capital at Sequoia Capital India. Here, she focused on enabling companies in the portfolio on all things talent. Currently, Anju wears many professional hats as a Cofounder at SonderConnect, an entrepreneur, advisor and an executive coach. 

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